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How to Choose a Roof for your Home or Business in Arizona

When you need a new roof in a home or business it pays to contact experts in the roofing industry. At Foam Experts, we are equipped with expert roofers and materials and will install a roof that is not only practical but effective as well. We offer a wide range of materials that are adaptable to the shape and size of the roof. The best roof overall and most of the time in the Arizona weather and heat is a

The Benefits of Foam Roofing in Arizona

Foam roofing is a particular kind of roofing that is usually applied to flat roofed homes, but can actually be applied to almost any type of room on your home. Foam is one of the best options for distinct and unique roof shapes, since the “spray technique” can reach some hard to reach places.  Foam roofing works especially great in hot climates or in the summers because it is more energy efficient than most other types of roofing. You could

What are the Advantages of Foam Roofing?

A growing number of homeowners in Arizona are choosing foam roofing for their home. This roofing material is unique, but beneficial to any homeowner seeking a durable, weather-resistant, affordable roof. Foam Roof Advantages Choosing a foam roof for your home entitles you to the following benefits: – Low Maintenance: Don’t worry about spending excess money on repairs when you’ve installed foam roofing. This roofing provides long-lasting durability that is virtually maintenance free! When cared for properly, this roof can last up

3 Ways to Make Your Phoenix Roofing System More Energy-efficient

Business owners in Phoenix know that one of the biggest lines in their operating budgets is air conditioning. Many people are surprised to discover the considerable role that the roofing system plays in the structure’s overall level of energy efficiency. Consider these three ways to make your Phoenix roofing system more energy-efficient. Add a Durable Insulating Material A durable insulating material is key to preventing unwanted heat infiltration into commercial buildings in Phoenix. There are two types of sprayed foam

Tips on Repairing Your Foam Roofing

One of the best features of foam roofing is how easy it is to repair. Standard roofing can experience water ponding, has seams that can accumulate outside water and allow air to pass through, and can experience thermal shock, especially here in Arizona. With foam roofing, you can have companies like Foam Experts Room quickly repair any defects that occur over the life of the roof, or you can even use products like our Max X foam gun to illicit

Roofing Lake Havasu City AZ: Your Important Questions Answered

Searching for a trustworthy Roofer or Roofing Company and Contractor that services the Lake Havasu City AZ area? We can help and offer Free Estimates on Roofing in Lake Havasu. Foam roofing has become increasingly common thanks to more awareness about the advantages of it. If this has encouraged you to consider this type of roofing for your Lake Havasu, Phoenix, Tucson, or Mesa area home, then you likely have questions. To help give you a head start before you

Should I Get a Roofing Energy Audit?

Every commercial roof has a practical life span. If you have made repeated repairs to your roof in the last few years, it’s time to get a new one. Putting down the same type of roof with the same materials may actually result in lost money. If you are considering a new commercial roof from Foam Experts Roofing, Inc., think about getting a roofing energy audit before signing your contract. Roofs are a huge factor in overall energy costs, especially

3 Reasons for Business Owners to Invest in Flat Roofs in Phoenix

Every business owner wants to get the most out of their space, but many people insist on going with an unusable pitched roof. Instead, let’s look at some of the advantages that you could be getting by investing in a flat roof for your business. 1. New Utility If you’re a business owner in or around Phoenix, AZ, then you know that the sun can be stifling even on cooler days. So why not make that work for your business?

Why Foam Experts Roofing is One of the Best Roofing Companies in Phoenix

Foam roofing company prides itself with an experience for over 30 years in repair, coating, insulation, inspection, commercial, industrial roofing, and flat roofing. The satisfaction and commitment we have for our customers coupled with our financial sustainability has proven to be effective and made us the leader in the polyurethane foam roofing business. Foam Experts Roofing company has a back to back two years honor from SFC –Copper Point for the “Best of the Best” in the roofing industry for

Roof Repair, Roof Installation and Best Foam Roofing in Mesa AZ, Free Estimates

The roof on your house looks tired and worn out? Or perhaps the roof leaks yet you did some expensive renovations only a few months back. You are right to start thinking about getting a roof with a difference: A roof that can give you a permanent solution. Otherwise, having roof repairs every other time will make you break your bank account. For the Phoenix, Tucson home and commercial property owners interested in a long-lasting roof option, it is time

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