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Top 4 Benefits of Installing a New Roof in Arizona

The roof is one of the most important parts of buildings due to the level of protection that it offers to the interior setting. Over time, the roof can show signs of wear that include leaks and missing shingles. When it’s time to invest in a new roof, there are a few benefits of hiring professionals to install a new structure. Increased Curb Appeal The roof is one of the main focal points on the exterior of the building and

Top 3 Tips for Your Foam Roof During the Winter Season

During the winter, many families face the same challenges that others do when it comes to facing the extreme cold. Whether its rising costs in keeping your house warm, or simply repairing the aftermath of damage brought on by a constant display of snow, most individuals in the north must deal with this type of weather.  One of the best ways to mitigate the potential burdens brought by a harsh winter is to prepare your roof for the oncoming cold.

4 Common Signs Your Roof is Failing

Roofs are incredibly durable due to the long-lasting materials that are used but can begin to wear down over time. Many people don’t realize that their roof is suffering from excess wear before it’s too late. When you’re keeping a close eye on the structure, there are a few signs that it’s failing and needs to be replaced. Missing or Loose Shingles Tiles or shingles that become loose or fall off are a sign that the home is no longer

What are the Benefits of Foam Roofing over more Traditional Roofing?

Foam roofing has become more and more popular as Lake Havasu people realize the numerous benefits foam roofing has to offer, but do you know what those benefits are? When it comes to choosing roofing options in Lake Havasu for your home or for your business, how do you make a decision? These are our top three reasons why we consider foam roofing one of the best roofing decisions you could ever make for new roofs or to replace existing

If You Are a Pro SPF Roofer, It Is Okay to Want the Best Spray Foam Gun

It is okay to want to use the best products in the industry so the job can get done the right way. Here at Foam Experts Roofing Incorporated, we are a professional polyurethane roofing installation company that provides the Max-X Foam Gun to the spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing industry. We know there are many other SPF roofing companies out there serving customers all over the country, and we know they need the best equipment to get the job done right. For

Fast Fix For Commercial Roofs in Phoenix and Arizona

Standard roof renovations for commercial buildings can be a major inconvenience. Construction crews may be present for weeks, and just the added cost of needing to haul away the old roofing can be a major expense on its own. Some old flat roof surfaces can contain tons of gravel and thousands of square feet of heavy rubber membrane that will need to be removed and hauled to a recycling facility. The work is labor intensive, greatly adding to roof renovation

Renovating An Old Warehouse To Attract New Renters

Industrial areas are filled with abandoned warehousing facilities that can be revamped so they can earn rent money quickly. There are just a few things that need to be done to get an old warehouse back into condition to be attractive to those wanting to rent space to store items or warehouse products. Clear the Space Remove everything. Clean out the old warehouse completely to get a good look at what you can do with the square footage you have.

Safety and Security: Signs Your Building Needs a Foam Roof

Have you been thinking about investing in a foam roof for your commercial or industrial building? If the decision isn’t as easy as saying “yes” or “no”, then you may want to first evaluate the safety and security of your existing roof. Is it really as protected as you think it is? Below are some of the top signs that your building can benefit from having a high-quality foam roof. 1. The Temperature Indoors is Unpredictable One of the biggest

Foam Experts Roofing Makes Roofs Better

Flat roofs are a common sight around the country even in Lake Havasu City. They are often used for commercial buildings for several reasons, the biggest one being cost. Flat roofs require fewer materials during construction, which translates to less money being spent. This is very appealing incentive to the owners. Extra-large buildings require a flat roof because a peak design would be nearly impossible to accomplish. They also accommodate heating and air conditioning units that are made to sit

Foam Roof Replacements for Older Buildings

Maybe you are buying a warehouse or production facility that has seen more than a few years of use. Maybe you already own an older commercial structure and you are at the point where you cannot put off replacing the roof any longer. Older buildings are great candidates for foam roof replacements, and here are some reasons why. Lighten the Load When you figure in the rubber roof membrane and gravel you find on many older rooftops, it adds up

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