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Foam Experts Roofing Makes Roofs Better

Flat roofs are a common sight around the country even in Lake Havasu City. They are often used for commercial buildings for several reasons, the biggest one being cost. Flat roofs require fewer materials during construction, which translates to less money being spent. This is very appealing incentive to the owners. Extra-large buildings require a flat roof because a peak design would be nearly impossible to accomplish. They also accommodate heating and air conditioning units that are made to sit

Foam Roof Replacements for Older Buildings

Maybe you are buying a warehouse or production facility that has seen more than a few years of use. Maybe you already own an older commercial structure and you are at the point where you cannot put off replacing the roof any longer. Older buildings are great candidates for foam roof replacements, and here are some reasons why. Lighten the Load When you figure in the rubber roof membrane and gravel you find on many older rooftops, it adds up

Why are Foam Roofs Becoming All the Rage?

We all know about the majority of different roofing options available to the public, but you might not have heard about foam roofing. If you’re living in the Arizona area, foam roofing has a number of benefits specific to this area as well as to the home you own and are living in. Understanding the benefits of foam roofing will encourage you to get away from the metal, tar, gravel and shingles that you’ve become so used to utilizing. One

Is My Roof Ready for Replacement Even Though It’s Not Old Enough?

Anyone who has ever owned a home knows the importance of replacing the roof when it’s time. Depending on the age of the home, the quality of the products used, and where you live, you might be able to go many years without replacing your roof. In other instances, you might need a new roof long before the lifespan of the roof is up. If you’re not sure whether a new roof is in your near future, you should learn

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial Roof Now

A giant puddle of water suddenly appearing inside a commercial building may be the first sign a property owner or manager realizes there is a problem with the roof. By this time, however, a lot of structural damage may have already been done. Proper and regular roof inspections should reveal signs the commercial roof needs replacing before water damage and mold growth make the problem and the bill skyrocket. Visible Cracks or Missing Roofing Regularly-scheduled visual inspects of the existing

Foam and Flat Roofing Options and their Estimate Costs

Here are some durable commercial, industrial and flat roofing options worth considering.  Foam Roofing Foam roofing is a reliable way of shielding your roof against corrosion and weather damage. It involves spraying a single-layer of polyurethane foam on a roof structure to keep away elements such as water, heat, and airflow that would otherwise deteriorate your roof over time. Special equipment, the Max-X Foam Gun, is used to spread the foam evenly. The poly foam bonds seamlessly with various types of

4 Tips When Using a Foam Roof

A foamed roof is a strong material that provides adequate insulation and protection from the weather. It is still important to learn more about the foam and have the proper knowledge about roofing maintenance. Follow these few important tips to keep your foamed roof in good condition. An Innovative Roofing System Spray polyurethane foam is a material that is proven to work on roofs. The weatherproof foam roofing material is proven to be durable and long lasting. Some roofs have

Tips for Maintaining A Foam Roof In Good Condition

If you have made the smart decision to invest in a new spray foam roofing system to improve your home’s value as well as increase its energy efficiency, it’s also important to know what steps to take to maintain a foam roof in good condition.  Scheduling periodic roof inspections can help to increase the longevity of your spray foam roof because doing this will go a long way toward preventing small issues and problems from becoming big, expensive ones. The

Why a Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Fits your Mesa, AZ, House

If you are a homeowner or have plans to build a house, you will wholeheartedly like the amazing spray foam roofing system. Most Mesa, AZ, roofing companies would agree, spray polyurethane foam is the best house roofing material ever.  What is Spray Foam Roof? The spray polyurethane foam (SPF) technology combines two heated chemicals which the roofing contractor spreads on the housetop through a spray gun. SPF is a liquid that hardens in few seconds into a hard monolithic roof surface. After

How to Choose a Roof for your Home or Business in Arizona

When you need a new roof in a home or business it pays to contact experts in the roofing industry. At Foam Experts, we are equipped with expert roofers and materials and will install a roof that is not only practical but effective as well. We offer a wide range of materials that are adaptable to the shape and size of the roof. The best roof overall and most of the time in the Arizona weather and heat is a

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