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Roofing Services

Foam Experts Roofing specializes in one type of roofing: sprayed polyurethane foam roofing.

Why Urethane Foam?


Thermal resistance is the best measure of the efficiency of the insulation systems and urethane foam has proven to be the most efficient thermal insulation commercially available.


In new buildings, urethane foam can be used with equal facility on roofs and on sidewalls. On older structures, it can replace conventional built-up roofs with a one-piece, non shrinking monolithic cover that not only improves the insulation value of the roof but also permanently repairs leaks and other problems.

Lower construction costs

On new buildings, urethane foam’s light weight (only two percent of conventional materials) means lighter roofs can be installed, which frequently means lighter, simpler materials can be used throughout the building, substantially lowering cost of construction.


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