Do You Need a Roof Repair?

Do You Need a Roof Repair?

Are you considering whether or not a roof repair is necessary after purchasing your house? You’re not alone if this is on your mind. While most people would rather avoid thinking about it, especially if they have spent a considerable amount on the property, maintaining your roof should still be something you keep in mind.

Take the time to inspect your roof regularly. Doing so will enable you to identify any issues that can be easily rectified by a qualified roofing company and professional roofer like Foam Experts Roofing.

When inspecting your home for leaks or water damage, look for any indications of moisture. Not only can leaking roofs lead to water damage to your house but they may also rot the rafters and wood interior of your residence.

Water stains, dents and rust can be signs of roof damage; so be sure to inspect for them when conducting your inspection. If you spot any of these things, contact a professional for further evaluation as soon as possible.

If your roof shingles are buckled, curling, or blistering, that could be indicative of rot. Damaged shingles allow water to seep under them and into your home.

Cracked or rusted caulking around the edge of your shingles, flashing, or vents is another indication that there has been damage that could lead to leaks. This sealant serves to secure the shingle to its flashing, keeping water out from underneath and into your home.

Moss and lichen are two other issues that can damage your roof, but are both treatable with professional moss killer treatment. Moss can form a thick black stain on your roof while lichen is an algae that thrives in warm, humid weather conditions.

A professional roofer or roofing contractor like Foam Experts Roofing can remove the moss and lichen on your roof by spraying it with an anti-moss solution that usually takes 180 days to take effect. Alternatively, you could apply a lawn-use granule to the surface in order to kill off the moss and lichen growth.

Moss and lichen can then be replaced with a new shingle. Depending on the size of the damaged area, replacement shingles typically cost between $100-$150.

Your home’s roofing material will influence repair prices; asphalt shingles tend to have lower repair costs than wood or slate shingles, for instance.

If you don’t have a home warranty, it is essential to know the cost of roof repairs before agreeing to have them done. Then you can compare the expense with your house’s value and decide whether it makes financial sense for you to have them fixed or replaced.

Always request a written estimate from your roofing company prior to making any decisions. Doing this will guarantee you don’t end up with an inaccurate price or being overcharged.

When consulting a roofer, be sure to inquire about their licensing and insurance. Doing this will guarantee that the person you hire is professional and can deliver top-notch service.

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