Five Advantages of Foam Roofs

Five Advantages of Foam Roofs

Foam RoofsPolyurethane spray foam roofing has been used for more than 45 years, but has only recently become popular. If your old roof has seen better days, switching to foam could be beneficial in a number of ways. Here are five reasons why foam roofs are good.

#1. Provides a tight, waterproof seal

Foam roofs have no seams, and also form a tight seal around vents, pipes and chimneys. This provides a tight, waterproof seal that reduces the odds of water getting into seams and between the crevices in openings. As such, one of the biggest foam roof advantages is the fact that it provides superior leak protection. Foam also doesn’t contract or expand over time, which means your tight seal won’t be broken either

#2. Has Superior Insulation Qualities

Spray foam is an excellent insulator that can greatly reduce your heating and cooling costs. Since there are no seams, heat can’t easily escape during the winter. The fact that this roofing material is white means it stays cooler in the summer as well

Foam also insulates well against outside noise, meaning your home will be quieter inside after having Foam Experts Roofing, Inc. add this material to the surface. This is a nice advantage if you live in a high traffic area or currently have a metal roof that transmits a great deal of sound.

#3. Durable

Foam roofs never wear out, provided they are maintained properly. Ideally, you should have the roof recoated after five years to keep it in top condition. After the initial recoating, you’ll only need to have this service performed once every twenty years. As long as you stick to the recommended maintenance schedule, you should experience no problems with your roof whatsoever.

Not only do foam roofs last a long time, but they are also rugged enough to walk on. As such, you’ll never have to worry about safety whenever it’s time to clean your roof or have repairs performed.

#4. Environmentally friendly

Spray foam can be installed directly over other roofing materials, which eliminates the need to dispose of them in a landfill. Since foam roofs last indefinitely, you won’t have to worry about adding to landfill waste later. The foam used in roofing is also non-toxic, and does emit any harmful fumes, making it safe to dwell inside your home while work is ongoing.

#5. Is Attractive

Your roof should not only provide protection, but add to the beauty of your home as well. Foam roofs are attractive, and work well with homes of all styles and constructions. White foam matches any exterior siding; however, you may also have foam tinted beige, tan or light gray if you would like. An advantage of white foam is the fact that it doesn’t fade when exposed to UV rays, so your roof will continue to look like new much longer.

Here at Foam Experts Roofing, Inc., we would like you to know that there are other foam roof advantages aside from the ones listed here. To find out more about them, give us a call or request an estimate today.

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