Get Your Foam Roof Ready For Springtime With These Tips

Get Your Foam Roof Ready For Springtime With These Tips

While it may be the first part of winter, it’s not too early to think about springtime foam roof maintenance. Being proactive when it comes to taking care of your commercial roofing will ensure its long life and durability. Your foam roof has a long lifespan, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need regular care for the protection of your building.

What You Should Know About Inspecting Your Foam Roof

When you inspect a foam roof, it’s important to know what you should be looking for. If you’re new to roof inspections, then it’s wise to hire a roofing professional who can show you the ropes. Before doing your walkthrough, you should look at the roofing schematics, the last roofing inspection that was done and a list of any repairs that were done to the foam roof. All of this information should be kept in a building maintenance file.

Keep An Eye Out For These Issues On Your Foam Roof

When you’re ready to inspect the roof, make sure to bring a checklist with you. You’ll be looking for any cracks, splits, blisters or small holes on the foam roof’s surface. These are common maintenance issues that can occur over time due to debris and inclement weather. You’ll also want to inspect drains, gutters, roof edges and flashings. Roofing technicians are experienced with covering every aspect of a foam roof inspection, and they make the repairs too. Hiring a licensed roofing contractor may be the way to go to save you time.

Performing Foam Roof Spring Cleaning

The winter weather may have left a mess of leaves, branches and moss on the roof. All of the debris should be swept away to keep your foam roof in top shape. Any drains and gutters should be cleared of leaves and other debris. Since foam roofing is so easy to take care of, all it needs is to be hosed down. Foam roof contractors are trained in inspecting and maintaining flat roofs in Arizona and can assist you with this important task.

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