4 Tips When Using a Foam Roof

4 Tips When Using a Foam Roof

A foamed roof is a strong material that provides adequate insulation and protection from the weather. It is still important to learn more about the foam and have the proper knowledge about roofing maintenance. Follow these few important tips to keep your foamed roof in good condition.

An Innovative Roofing System

Spray polyurethane foam is a material that is proven to work on roofs. The weatherproof foam roofing material is proven to be durable and long lasting. Some roofs have lasted for several decades, and maintenance is a major cause of this longevity. 


Have the roof installed correctly to ensure its stability. The foam is sprayed on followed by a protective top coating. The layers are designed to protect your house from leaks seeping through the ceiling. However, debris is known to damage some roofs, so it’s recommended that you inspect the roof at least once a year. 

Look for damages immediately after a severe storm hits. Check for leaks, mildew and missing shingles that must be replaced. You should not wait to repair the roof because more of the damaged material could break apart.


Power washing is a technique that’s effective at removing stains, but you should be cautious when using it on your roof. Consider switching to a low pressure that will not blast the roofing materials off. Use rakes carefully to avoid making scrapes and scratches in the surface. Every defect that you create in a foam roof is an expensive addition to the repair bill.

Surrounding Hazards

Note trees that are too close to the roof and could cause damage. During a storm, branches are known to fall and cause some noticeable dents on the roof. During the inspection, decide if it’s time to recoat the surface or perform small foam touchups.

The foam roofing system has been used as an effective insulator in both residential and commercial buildings. Having to replace the foam roof after a few years is not common, but no roof is entirely free of defects. You are encouraged to practice routine maintenance. Even with minimal maintenance, keep your roof for at least 20 years and continue protecting your house for many more years.

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