Foam Roofing Repair: Common Mistakes and Safety Precautions

Foam Roofing Repair: Common Mistakes and Safety Precautions

You may want to try repairing your foam roof on your own, but you might be making common mistakes. In this article, we’ll discuss common mistakes people make and safety precautions to take when doing the task. We’ll also cover the most common causes of small holes in your foam roof. After all, you don’t want to endanger your home or yourself, right? That’s why hiring a professional roofing repair company is the best option.

Mistakes people make with foam roofing repair

A foam roof leak is almost always a result of a failed penetration or other component. If you have a leaky pipe, for example, a piece of foam around the pipe would prevent it from leaking, but the elastomeric coating wasn’t strong enough to fix the leak. Instead, you should re-form the pipe or use polyurethane caulking to fix it.

Despite its many benefits, foam roofs are not immune to damage from storms or critters. Some people may opt to do foam roofing repair themselves. Before you attempt the repair, however, make sure you follow best practices, know the material, and take the proper safety precautions. Below are four common mistakes people make with foam roofing repair:

Steps to take before repairing a foam roof

To repair a damaged foam roof, you’ll need the proper materials. Before you begin repairing a foam roof, clear away debris with a push broom to avoid contamination. Make sure that you minimize foot traffic and do not drop tools on the surface. Before you begin, count the cracks on a 100-square-foot area. Also, measure the depth and width of the damaged areas. If the damage is relatively small, you can scarify the area and then apply a new coat of foam.

To avoid further damage, you should call a licensed roofing contractor. This person can also perform the process of renovating the roof. However, you must make sure that the roof is free of hail digits first before re-coating. Some types of foam roofs may require a full removal and installation of new foam roofing. Before repairing a foam roof, you should consult with your insurance company.

Common causes of small holes in a foam roof

Cracking and small holes can happen on a foam roof overtime. Although small cracks are usually not serious, they can become bigger if left unattended. When this happens, water will soak into the cracks and cause blistering. In order to solve this problem, a foam roof repair company can use specialized materials. The following are some common causes of small holes in a foam roof.

Poor quality workmanship: Inadequate foam application may cause separation. It might appear as a patch but eventually fail. The top coat of the acrylic has lifted or thin spots have been worn away by the sun and holding water. Another common cause is a tree branch hitting the roof. The entire roof may need a coating to fix the problem. There are several ways to detect and solve the problem.

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