How Effective Is Foam Roofing?

How Effective Is Foam Roofing?

You may have wondered, “How effective is foam roofing?” It’s important to know that foam roofs can support normal weight. But do they do so in an environmentally friendly way? Let’s take a look. This type of roof can help reduce energy costs by up to 50%. But it doesn’t do much for the appearance of your home. Here’s what you need to know. Its benefits are numerous.

Foam roofing is more expensive initially than conventional roofing materials, but it will save you money over the long run. Once you have installed it on your home, you won’t have to replace it for another 20 years. The main advantage of foam is that it can be maintained by periodic re-coating, which protects it from the effects of UV exposure. This feature wouldn’t be feasible with traditional roofing installations. This is especially true for those with green buildings.

If your foam roof is damaged, it may be necessary to get it repaired. But these repairs are affordable compared to replacement of the entire roof. If you have a good foam roofing contractor, your roof should last you 20 years. The cost of a recoat is about 25 percent of the original price, which makes it very competitive with other flat roofing materials. The cost of repairing a damaged foam roof is very low compared to other options.

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