How Much Does a Foam Roof Cost? Make your Calculations

How Much Does a Foam Roof Cost? Make your Calculations

Foam Roof CostA new roof is one of the biggest home repairs you’ll ever make, which is why it makes good sense to compare the costs of foam roofing in order to find the right deal. When comparing roofing costs, knowing the price of foam roofing is extremely important if you are considering this type of material. Here are some ballpark figures you can use to determine about how much a new foam roof might cost.


A number of factors will play a part in your roofing costs, including:

  • The size and shape of your existing roof
  • Whether or not repairs must be made to gutters or flashing
  • Reputation of a particular roofing company
  • Number and size of openings such as skylights and chimneys
  • Additional requirements from your homeowner’s association or local building codes
  • The type of maintenance plan offered
  • Length of a warranty

Price Per Square Foot

The price of foam roofing is normally calculated by the number of square feet of surface area your roof contains. A foam roofing contractor may provide you with an estimate as low as $1.50 per square foot or as high as $6 per square foot. As such, the cost of obtaining a 200 square foot foam roof, which is the average size of a small storage shed or garage, could be anywhere from $300 to $1,200. The cost of an average home could be anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 for a roof that is approximately $1,000 square feet in area.

While the cost per square foot does vary, it should not vary drastically from one contractor to the next. Always obtain at least three estimates, as this will allow you to compare foam roofing prices and get a better idea as to what the square foot charge is for your area.


There are other considerations to think about when comparing the estimate of one foam roofing contractor to another. The first one should be whether or not a maintenance schedule is also included in your contract. Many contractors offer annual inspections and an initial recoating after five years at no additional charge. Others will allow you to purchase a separate maintenance package at a discounted rate. If your contract does not include maintenance, ask for a separate estimate so you can determine if adding coverage would be beneficial.

Knowing what warranty is available is also important. Many manufacturers offer a ten to 15-year warranty on materials, which is not usually pro-rated as time goes on. Ask about the warranty at the time you receive your estimate so you’ll know how much protection you’ll have. It can also be a good idea to find out whether or not your warranty is transferable to a new owner if you plan on selling your home in the near future.

If you’re interested in knowing what a foam roof would cost, give Foam Experts Roofing, Inc. a call. We’ll give you a fair estimate and quality workmanship to ensure your foam roof provides adequate protection without breaking your budget.

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