3 Ways to Make Your Phoenix Roofing System More Energy-efficient

3 Ways to Make Your Phoenix Roofing System More Energy-efficient

phoenix roofingBusiness owners in Phoenix know that one of the biggest lines in their operating budgets is air conditioning. Many people are surprised to discover the considerable role that the roofing system plays in the structure’s overall level of energy efficiency. Consider these three ways to make your Phoenix roofing system more energy-efficient.

Add a Durable Insulating Material
A durable insulating material is key to preventing unwanted heat infiltration into commercial buildings in Phoenix. There are two types of sprayed foam insulation that work well on flat roofing systems in the Phoenix area. One is open-cell sprayed foam insulation. This is the material most commonly used in exterior walls and flooring. It expands to fill the tiniest voids. The second option is closed-cell foam. This is more durable than open-celled foam and is designed to withstand the intense heat and sunshine in Phoenix.

Apply a Coating to the Flat Roof
Another way to enhance the energy-efficiency of a flat roof is to apply a reflective coating to the exterior side of the roofing material. The best type of coating to apply is a light-colored or white material. This is because almost all of the heat from the sun will be reflected. There are many types of coatings that could be applied to a flat roof. These include polyurea, urethane, silicone and acrylic. A layer of elastomeric finish is applied to the coating. This enhances the flexibility of the material, allowing it to expand without cracking in the daytime heating.

Increase the Ventilation of the Roof
All roofing systems need a ventilation system in place. Within the commercial building, heat rises toward the ceiling. The hot air moves to the underside of the roof’s decking. The heat could expand fasteners and joists to the point of separation. There are two types of ventilation to consider. The first type is passive ventilation. Box vents and soffit vents are some options for this type of ventilation. They other type of ventilation, which is what most commercial structures rely on, is active ventilation. A mechanical system is installed to dispense hot air out of the structure. Solar-powered or electrical fans are helpful solutions. Fresh air is drawn into the structure through its HVAC system.

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