Planning Roof Repair or Replacement in 2015?

Planning Roof Repair or Replacement in 2015?

Why Urethane FoamHas your roof seen better days? Is it high time you did something about it? If so, you may be concerned about a roof repair or replacement job. Not only can these projects cost a lot of money, but with so many different companies offering their services, it can be tough to know whom to hire. However, when you hire Foam Experts Roofing, you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible product protecting your roof. Repair work and replacements are our specialty, so call today.

Seamless Application

The great thing about using our urethane foam for your roof repair project is that it doesn’t have any seams or joints like you’d see from other projects. This means you get one flawless membrane across the top of your roof offering unassailable protection. Water and debris has nowhere to sneak in and the same goes for any vermin you may usually worry about in your area. Our company uses a protective coating that will actually absorb waterfall as well, giving you one less thing to worry about.

On top of that, with the right application, you don’t have to worry about heat from the sun seeping in and jacking up your cooling bills every month. In fact, with a urethane application, your AC will stay contained much easier.

Custom Jobs

One problem you’ll find with a lot of our competitors is their one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you need a total roof replacement or just repairs done, they’ll tend to use the same product, regardless of the type of building you own or where it’s located.

At Foam Experts Roofing, we have several different types of urethane available. Our professionals will first assess your unique situation before deciding on how to proceed with a roof replacement or repair job.

Rigid Results

Many people think that because we use foam the resulting roof repair or replacement may lack rigidity. Nothing could be further from the truth though. When our foam cures, it won’t sag, buckle, mat or pack down from ordinary use. This means that the application we do will maintain its insulating properties for the life of the installation. Urethane is well known for its strong properties, meaning even if you don’t need a roof replacement, you’ll end up with a much more durable one than you ever had.

On top of that, urethane is odorless and possesses no value to insects, rodents and other vermin. Even persistent problems like fungi and mildew won’t be able to break the substance down.


That being said, even after it’s cured, foam is extremely flexible. All buildings naturally expand and contract as the years go by, so you want a material that will move with it. This ensures that you don’t need another roof repair or replacement job in the near future. As your building subtly changes shape, the urethane will change with it.

Don’t take chances with your roof replacement or repair. The roof over your head is too important to leave to anything but our heavy-duty urethane. Call us today and we’ll show you that a roof replacement or repair job doesn’t need to be expensive or risky.

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