Tips on Repairing Your Foam Roofing

Tips on Repairing Your Foam Roofing

One of the best features of foam roofing is how easy it is to repair. Standard roofing can experience water ponding, has seams that can accumulate outside water and allow air to pass through, and can experience thermal shock, especially here in Arizona. With foam roofing, you can have companies like Foam Experts Room quickly repair any defects that occur over the life of the roof, or you can even use products like our Max X foam gun to illicit repairs yourself.

It’s absolutely important to note that despite the ease of repairing foam roofing, it’s still better to hire an expert to fix your roof as we mentioned in a previous blog post. That being said, some folks prefer to do things like this for themselves, and fortunately, with foam systems, this may be somewhat easier and safer when doing small repair projects.

Getting Around Up There

There’s a misconception that foam roofing is delicate and you can’t walk on it. In all actuality, foam roofing is incredibly durable, so if you have a flat roof, feel free to walk around on it. Simply don’t wear things like spiked heels or rough-soled shoes on the surface and you should be fine. In fact, sneakers work very well up there, especially if they have rubber soles.

Eyeballing Foam Damage

If you notice areas of the roof that are wet and damaged from water, use a grinding wheel or razor knife to remove the top layer of the damaged material so that you reach the undamaged layers of roofing. Foam can naturally blister, especially in areas like Arizona. In most cases, blistering is harmless, but if it looks bad enough to cause problems, you can remove that area as well.

Repair the Damage

Using the Max X foam gun, simply reapply the foam in the damaged area until the top of the new foam is flush with the surface of the old. That’s it. The foam will harden and cure over the next few hours and it’ll appear good as new.

Other Considerations

If you’ve noticed extensive damage, it may be time for a full recoat. The recoating process for spray foam roofing is relatively easy and inexpensive. In fact, many consider the ease of recoats to be one of the prime benefits of having foam roofing. This new layer will have a protective coating and it’ll last for many more years.

If you need your roof repaired in Phoenix or in the State of Arizona, our experts at Foam Experts Roofing can do it with ease. Give us a call at 480-835-5404.

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