3 Reasons You Need A Roof Inspection in Phoenix AZ

3 Reasons You Need A Roof Inspection in Phoenix AZ

It is often obvious when a roof has failed. There will be torn or missing roofing materials, large cracks in the roof or buckling in the roof deck. Leaks are also a sure sign of roof failure. However, rather than waiting for a roof to fail, roofs should be periodically inspected so that potential problems can be uncovered before they begin to cause leaks or before the roof is too badly damaged to repair. There are some simple rules to determine when a roof should be inspected. 

1. After Storms 

Anytime that a large storm passes through with high winds, roofs can be damaged. If a building has been exposed to high winds, a professional should inspect the roof and other rooftop structures for damage. Storms that create large hail can also cause damage to a roof. In Arizona, hot weather is the norm during most of the year. However, roofs should also be inspected after prolonged periods of abnormally high temperatures and long periods of drought. High heat and low humidity can dry out and warp building materials that support the roof. 

2. Periodic Inspections 

Home and building owners with a roof that is just a few years old probably do need an annual inspection by a professional. However, they should take a look at their roofs at least twice a year to look for any obvious signs of problems. If the building owner finds some areas of concern, a professional can be called in to look at the problem. Buildings with roofs that are a decade or so old should be inspected every few years by a professional. Over time, roofing materials can wear and develop problems that a professional can spot well before the problem is obvious to the untrained eye. 

3. Before Refinancing or Selling 

Homeowners often fail to have a roof inspection in Phoenix AZ before trying to refinance or sell a home. However, lenders are likely to request an inspection and buyers are almost certain to want an inspection. By having a roof inspected and any problems fixed, a property owner can reduce the time and hassle that refinancing or selling can cause. When a lender or buyer finds a problem, they will likely want to devalue the home by far more than the cost of the repair. 

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