The Advantages of an SPF Foam Roof

The Advantages of an SPF Foam Roof

An SPF foam roof system is a great choice for many reasons. Not only will it reduce leaks, it will also improve energy efficiency and divert waste from landfills. The material is the same as that used for interior building insulation. These are both high-density, closed-cell foams. Unlike the memory foam that is often used in bedding, these roofs will not deform and are extremely durable. Read on for more information.

SPF foam roofing systems

SPF foam roofing systems can significantly reduce energy costs for commercial buildings. These systems provide superior energy efficiency, water resistance, and leak prevention, and require no counter flashing. They also minimize landfill capacity, and are highly valued for their energy efficiency, which can significantly reduce the impact of buildings on the environment. SPF roofs also reduce ponding water and can even level uneven roofs. However, installing a SPF roofing system is not recommended for hot climates, as it can contribute to increased installation costs.

SPF foam roofing systems reduce leakage

SPF foam roofing systems are a popular choice for homeowners because of their increased protection from leaks and damage caused by severe weather. These systems don’t require seams and are seamless, as they are sprayed on and merge together as they expand. They also reduce the amount of roof penetration, which is any structure that enters through a roof, such as skylights, HVAC systems, vents, or exhausts. Traditional roofing systems can leak if they have holes or cracks, and contractors may attempt to seal them with patches and tarps. Unfortunately, moisture will still find a way into cracks and holes, requiring expensive repairs.

SPF foam roofing systems improve energy efficiency

SPF foam roofing systems have many advantages, and they are also extremely durable. The SPF layer provides excellent air barrier properties and is also moisture-controlling. In addition, they can be easily recycled and can be applied over existing roofing for a sustainable energy source. In addition to reducing energy costs, SPF can help with structural integrity during high-wind events. And they are easy to install, requiring less maintenance than other roofing materials.

SPF foam roofing systems divert waste from landfills

SPF foam roofing systems can be applied to existing roofs without tearing them off, resulting in significant cost savings. SPF roofing systems also divert waste from landfills and are considered an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional roofing products. Traditional roofing materials contribute more than 20 billion pounds of waste to U.S. landfills each year. In addition to reducing waste, SPF roofing systems can reduce energy costs by almost 25%.

SPF foam roofing systems are durable

While SPF foam roofing systems are considered a low-maintenance option, regular inspections are still recommended. SPF roofs should be inspected after mechanical damage or every half year, and small cracks and gouges can be repaired with an elastomeric sealant. Larger cracks and punctures will require the removal of damaged foam. SPF roofs are designed to withstand a beating from excessive foot traffic, wind-borne debris, and birds.

SPF foam roofing systems are ENERGY STAR(r)-rated

A variety of benefits of SPF roofing systems include the reduction of leaks and counter flashing, energy savings and reduced resource expenditures. Energy-efficient properties help reduce the environmental impact of buildings. SPF roofing systems are ENERGY STAR(r)-rated and can be extended through re-coating. The energy savings can cover the cost of the system in two to three years.

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