Why You Need Protective Coating for Your Foam Roof.

Why You Need Protective Coating for Your Foam Roof.


With energy costs increasing every year, more and more homeowners and businesses are opting for foam roofs to protect their homes and buildings. While foam roofing can do a great many things to improve your energy costs, as well as to improve the climate and air quality of your home or building, it cannot do its job entirely unprotected. That’s why you need to have a protective coating installed for your foam roof!


The Reasons Your Foam Roof Needs to Be Protected


A foam roof is a significant investment, and it’s something that’s going to save you a lot of money over the long haul. However, your foam roof can only offer this benefit if it’s properly protected.


As an Arizona resident, you know that the climate here can be harsh and unforgiving. Over time, this climate is going to take its toll on your roofing system. In the most modest cases, your foam roof may degrade over time if it’s left exposed to UV radiation from the sun. In more severe cases, extremely inclement weather can seriously damage a roof, even a heavy-duty foam one.


By adding a protective coating to your foam roof, you’re obviating these problems. The protective urethane coating adds a barrier between the foam roof itself and the elements without, ensuring that the investment you’ve made stands the test of time. With this protection, you can ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment possible.


Choosing the Right Coating for Your Foam Roof


It’s important to note that there are a number of options when it comes to protective coatings for foam roofs. The one that will be right for your roof will depend on a number of different things.


First and foremost, the material used for the protective coating needs to be one that works with the chemicals and properties of the foam roof itself. Heat and cold cause roofing materials to expand and contract over time, and the protective coating needs to be able to expand and contract along with the roof. This ensures that no cracks appear over time.


Aside from this, different protective coatings offer different added benefits. For example, some protective coatings offer a greater resistance to ultraviolet radiation than others. With one that offers this level of protection, you can improve the overall energy efficiency of your roofing solution, and you can ensure that your roof stands the tests of time.


Foam Experts Roofing is here to Help


We’ve worked with countless homeowners and business owners throughout Phoenix and Arizona to ensure that their foam roofs offer the maximum benefit. When you hire us to work on your roof, we’ll not only ensure that the foam roof is installed expertly, we’ll consult with you to provide a protective coating that ensures your foam roof is able to withstand the harsh Arizona elements. If you need the ultimate roofing solution for your home or business, then you need to work with Foam Roofing Experts. Call us at (480) 835-5404 to learn more today!

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