The Benefits of Foam Roofing in Arizona

The Benefits of Foam Roofing in Arizona

Foam roofing is a particular kind of roofing that is usually applied to flat roofed homes, but can actually be applied to almost any type of room on your home. Foam is one of the best options for distinct and unique roof shapes, since the “spray technique” can reach some hard to reach places. 

Foam roofing works especially great in hot climates or in the summers because it is more energy efficient than most other types of roofing. You could easily be looking at saving some money on your cooling expense bill during the hot summer months. 

The cost of foam roofing is generally a bit higher than other types of roofing, but with the quality of the roof, lack of frequently needed repairs, and saving money on the energy bills makes foam roofs more than worth the extra expense. Remember that the roof on your home is a very important investment, so quality must certainly be a priority.
Polyurethane Foam has been used for over forty-five years for insulation purposes. It is composed of Isocyanat and Polyol. They are combined and sprayed onto the roof as liquid substance. The foam takes whatever shape needed making it a great option for unique structures. After the foam is applied, it bubbles, expands and tightly seals up all of the cracks and crevices in the roof of your home.

The finished product is seamless. Typically, leaky roofs are caused by improperly installed joints of traditional roofing, which is not an issue when it comes to foam roofing. The foam not only blocks water but oxygen as well. Lastly, when the spray is applied, a tough and water resistant layer is applied to protect the foam from outer damage, so that if the outer layer does become damaged, the parts of foam sealed roofing will remain intact.

There are several benefits of foam roofing to consider, including but not limited to savings, costs, repairs and weight. One of the biggest and best benefits is the energy savings. Since Polyurethane works as a natural insulator, it can have a large effect on reducing the need for continued air conditioning in your home. Foam roofs have been shown to cut cooling costs by 30%.

Although the foam roof cost can be slightly more expensive than traditional roofs, it has been known to pay for itself over a time-span of just 5 years with the energy savings.

Foam roofing is also lighter in weight comparing to traditional roofs. Heavy roofs can cause stress on the foundation of your home. All these and others are good reasons to consider whether a foam roof is right for your home.

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