How to Choose a Roof for your Home or Business in Arizona

How to Choose a Roof for your Home or Business in Arizona

When you need a new roof in a home or business it pays to contact experts in the roofing industry. At Foam Experts, we are equipped with expert roofers and materials and will install a roof that is not only practical but effective as well. We offer a wide range of materials that are adaptable to the shape and size of the roof. The best roof overall and most of the time in the Arizona weather and heat is a foam roof which has many advantages.

These offers include:

Foam Roof

• PVC Roof

• Modified Bitumen Roof

• Built-up Roof

Flat Roof

One of the spectacular roof advancements to appear in recent years is the sprayed on polyurethane foam roof. These roofs are especially energy efficient and can be used on roofs and/or sidewalls. 

This is a non-shrinking monolithic cover that not only insulates but permanently repairs leaks and other problems. It is also seamless, flexible, water tight and will not buckle, mat, sag or buckle. It can be used on a flat or a steep roof. This material is highly recommended for industrial and commercial roofs.

There is now a MAX-X FOAM GUN available for applying foam roofing. It is light weight, only needs two tools for cleaning and has many other properties that make it an ideal tool for this purpose.

PVC is available in various thicknesses with the price depending on type and size of the roofing membrane. There is PVC Smooth, PVC Fleece Backed and PVC Smooth with Elvaloy®. They come in roofing membranes of 50, 60 and mil. PVC is commonly used on a flat roof.

Modified bitumen flat roofing is typical in the Arizona area. It is composed of asphalt and other components such as gravel or other modifiers. They are considered more durable than most roofing applications.

Built-up roofing is a tar and gravel combination and is considered more affordable than other flat roof types. Layers of bitumen are included and the gravel acts as a barrier against rays of the sun.

A flat roof is just what the name indicates. There is no roof pitch and any of the above materials are appropriate for application.

A proper roof will provide many years of protection against the sun and any storms that attack the Phoenix, Tucson and Mesa, AZ area. This makes it important to have roofing experts look at your property and provide information regarding the type that will best fit your situation.

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