Tips for Maintaining A Foam Roof In Good Condition

Tips for Maintaining A Foam Roof In Good Condition

If you have made the smart decision to invest in a new spray foam roofing system to improve your home’s value as well as increase its energy efficiency, it’s also important to know what steps to take to maintain a foam roof in good condition. 

Scheduling periodic roof inspections can help to increase the longevity of your spray foam roof because doing this will go a long way toward preventing small issues and problems from becoming big, expensive ones. The best time to inspect roofing is twice a year, once in the spring and then again in the autumn. 

When Foam Roofing Experts, Inc. does a roof inspection, we are careful to pay attention to a number of important things. We check all drains, gutters and scuppers for any accumulation of dirt, leaves and other wind-blown debris. Because any blockage can inhibit proper drainage, these items should be removed as quickly as possible. We also look for any signs that the integrity of the foam roof has been compromised that ultimately lead to bigger problems.

In order to maintain a foam roof in good condition, homeowners should never use their roof as a storage area for lumber, signage or HVAC repair parts. The constant weight posed by heavy equipment onto the roof’s surface could cause serious damage requiring repairs.

Homeowner should also be aware that condensate from HVAC systems should never be drained onto the roof. Any vents in the building should not be allowed to exhaust harmful chemicals or other materials onto the roofing surface. By preventing your foam roof’s exposure to any type of harmful chemical or substance, you can extend its longevity.

Foam roofs should never be utilized as playgrounds or outdoor patios. Another important tip to maintain your foam roof in good condition is to minimize any foot traffic to those professionals involved in regular maintenance inspections and repairs.

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